Terms and Conditions of Hire

  1. Prices quoted are for the length of hire agreed by Dress Circle with the hirer.

  2. If costume is reserved for collection at a future date, a £10 booking fee is payable on reservation by cash, cheque or pre-authorisation on a credit or debit card. This fee is non-refundable on cancellation. It is refunded when costume is collected. 
  1. A deposit can be paid by cheque, cash or pre authorisation on a credit or debit card and is payable at the time of collecting the costume or props. The deposit is returnable on condition that the costume or props are returned to Dress Circle without damage or staining and are returned by the agreed date. Late return will incur additional charges unless agreed with Dress Circle. The amount of deposit will vary, depending on the category of the costume e.g. theatrical, vintage or fancy dress. 
  1. Hirers are responsible for any loss or damage to the costumes and props for the total period of the hire.  This commences when the costumes leave the premises of Dress Circle of York and terminates when they are returned to the premises of Dress Circle of York. Please remember that costumes and/or props may be due to go out to another hirer. 
  1. Costumes or props lost or damaged will be charged at full replacement cost. 
  1. Hire charge payments can be made by cash/cheque/debit card or credit card. 
  1. No alterations may be made to any costume hired without the prior arrangement of Dress Circle. 
  1. A 10% discount on hire charges is available to schools, colleges and educational establishments. 
  1. A credit charge will be implemented for invoices not paid within the terms of the invoice. 
  1. It is accepted that these listed conditions have been read, understood and agreed to. Signature of such will be deemed as acceptance of these conditions.